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What is SAP Implementation?

An SAP implementation refers to the process of leveraging a defined “methodology” to deploy and integrate new SAP systems, applications, or tools across a company’s SAP system and maximizing the functionality and efficiency of SAP processes, even after the go-live date.

With well-planned SAP implementations, companies can build a strong foundation for their core SAP applications, improve the agility and responsiveness of their new, modern business processes, and make better decisions regarding desired features and tools.

Key Steps Across the SAP Implementation Process

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the critical steps in the SAP implementation process.

Project preparation

The first step of an implementation project requires teams to outline the foundation for their project plan, including project goals and objectives, timeline and budget for the project, implementation teams, and the project scope.

Business blueprint

In this phase of the SAP ERP implementation journey, teams can create a business blueprint to document an organization’s project requirements and establish how your business operations will be represented in the SAP system. This helps companies outline and define business processes and requirements and ensures proper task and system management over time.


The realization phase is broken into two essential parts: one that involves configuring your baseline SAP system and one that requires your implementation team to fine-tune the system to meet all business process requirements. All system customizations, non-productive system conversions, and adjustments also occur in this phase to ensure the system is implemented and adopted correctly.


During this phase, integration tests are conducted to determine the progress of the implementation process so far and ensure teams are prepared to successfully implement SAP solutions in the subsequent phases of the project plan. And, by testing the whole process and each workload, companies can ensure their data migration and system management processes are carried out efficiently and effectively.

Go live

In this phase, companies will move from a pre-production environment to a live environment, including migrating each data source to the new production environment. This step also gives all authorized users access to the tools, applications, and modules included in the implementation plan.

Post-production support

Once your new SAP solutions are live in production, a dedicated support team should be established to maintain functionality, resolve any issues, and ensure employees are prepared to complete required tasks over time.

Business Automation

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