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DevOps Solution

What is Dev-ops?

DevOps is a unique approach to developing your business software applications with flexibility and coordination. It is a set of protocols to promote collaboration and deliberate discussions for a high-end user experience software product.

We at Depex, offer an end–to–end DevOps pipeline to ensure a smooth delivery process. We analyze your business needs and develop a team to align with your business goal to create an efficient digital product. We emphasize the creation of a mutual decision-making team of designers and developers to encourage the idea of shared ownership and aligned goals to build agile and exceptional software to deliver top-notch and faster software products for your business’s undeniable growth.

DevOps Solution

We Incorporate the foundation of Collaboration - Our DevOps Services

Consulting Services

We, at Depex, help you to identify the need of incorporating DevOps in your business. Our DevOps team analyzes your business needs to understand how the DevOps practices can fit into your business model. Our team reflects on Depex's expertise and services to enhance your software development through collaboration and guidance.

CI and CD

We harmonize continuous integration and continuous delivery/deployment to enable fast and reliable code sharing and early detection of issues along with the deployment of the software application. Our skilled developers utilize these practices to incorporate code changes effortlessly and automate the delivery and deployment process for your business growth.

Tailor-made Innovative Solutions

Tailor-made Innovative Solutions: We understand the need to innovate to keep up with the evolving trends. To implement innovative DevOps practices in your business, our expert professionals develop personalized DevOps solutions for businesses to cater to their needs and business vision. We enhance your business team's efficiency to develop a competitive edge.

Configuration Management

We develop your efficient application software through consistent software configuration management. Our developers use a tool such as version control to keep regular track of changes in the software code to manage its infrastructure configuration automatically. We incorporate configuration management to elevate the agility of the software development process.

Cloud Services

Our development team integrates cloud services with DevOps to streamline the automation model of your business. We provide scalable and flexible software development integrating cloud services in our DevOps services. Our team has immense experience working with cloud computing services like Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Azure to serve various industries and advance their software development process.

Determined Team

Depex collaborates with highly qualified and skilled development teams to develop efficient and user-friendly application software for your company. Our experienced and determined professionals understand the differences and create the app that fits your business vision. We deliver innovation and customer satisfaction through our software to build your brand.

DevOps Solution

Why should you choose DevOps?

Collaboration is the foundation of DevOps to signify teamwork and advance the functionality of the software. DevOps emphasizes a cooperative approach to bringing development and IT teams together and unwrapping an efficient way to develop software with reliability and a finer development process. 

Incorporate flexibility and improvement in software development by encouraging collectiveness amongst team members. Implementation of agile methodology with the DevOps approach streamlines the software development procedure and evokes effective software products for the emergence of your business.

DevOps prioritize a speed-up development process to reduce the time to market. The integration of the IT and development team minimizes the communication lags and fastens the entire development process till the software product’s delivery. The speed-up process increases customer satisfaction and the competitive advantage of your enterprise. 

Cloud computing collaborates with DevOps and helps in the scalability and automation of your business software. It provides DevOps tools and services like communication channels, shared code, and issue tracking to fasten the delivery process of the software. It also smoothens the integration to third parties in DevOps software development.

DevSecOps is a security-based integration extension in DevOps. DevSecOps integrates security in each stage of the DevOps approach to maximize security checks and identify potential risks to the application. The integrated extension assists in the early elimination of security concerns to assist in the development of a user-friendly application.

DevOps helps the application to be more streamlined through continuous feedback. The collaborative approach of DevOps from collecting data and planning, designing, and development to deployment has consistently encouraged an exchange of insights and contributed to consistent applications. 

DevOps Framework


We initiate the DevOps approach planning the software’s application development through designing and timelines. Our designers collaborate with our developers to understand the requirement and collectively take decisions to determine the resources to ensure a high user experience of the software product. 



Our multi-disciplinary development team develops the software product for your enterprise. We design and code to develop a high-quality and efficient digital product with the help of continuous integration and deployment. It also enhances the automation and speed of the development process. Better collaboration assists in developing reliable and high-user experience software.


The development of the digital product instigates its testing. We test and analyze the software app to eliminate glitches and deliver bug-free and smooth experience software. Our developers test the software by automating testing to reduce the chances of human error and overall time and fasten the process.


In the DevOps development procedure, the software's deployment turns faster and smoother than ever before. Our engineers deploy every feature and create an up-to-date and efficient software application. Our developers release the changes in the software without any errors and deploy high-quality application products to enhance your app’s user engagement.


DevOps allows the identification and fixation of any issues in real time. Our skilled professionals utilize various monitoring tools like Nagios, Prometheus, ELK Stack, Grafana, New Relic, and more to collect real-time data and identify issues at every stage of the development process. Our skilled development team delivers your application software with a positive and high user experience. 


We give top priority to the feedback stage of the development process to ensure a smooth inflow of constructive criticism and continuous improvement to develop an exceptional software application. Our development team intakes feedback at every stage of development to create a smooth and finest application for your business advancement.

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