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What is Sales Force Automation (SFA)?

Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a tool or software that helps you automate low-value and menial sales tasks. With automation, your team doesn’t have to worry about anything other than working with the clients to solve their challenges.  


Benefits of Sales Force Automation

Highly Efficient Teams

Non-revenue generating sales activities take up about 67% of your salesperson’s time every day. Automating a few sales stages, helps your team to focus on high-value tasks with a 14.5% boost in sales productivity and a 30% increase in deal closures.

Shorter and Smarter Sales Cycles

Businesses with a well-defined sales process close more deals and are 33% more likely to be high performers in the industry. Around 22% of businesses believe that automation has significantly shortened their sales cycle. The leads move through the process on their own. Sales force automation can help you optimize the pre-sales and post-sales cycles as well.

Reach Out to Customers Faster!

82% of customers expect a response on their inquiry within 10 minutes. You should aim to reach out to them sooner to improve conversions and beat competition. A lack of notifications or reminders are the main cause for a delayed TAT—a challenge that sales automation tackles with ease.

No More Missed Opportunities

Sales people handle multiple deals and various customer stages, all at the same time. Missing a follow up email or a meeting causes leaks in your sales team’s pipeline. Automated reminders and nurturing sequences ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities.

Builds an Error-Free Sales Process

Lead details, activities, meeting notes—can all be recorded in one place, instead of multiple excel sheets, with sales force automation. While recording these manually, salespeople can make errors in noting the email ids or phone numbers and they lose the chance to initiate the first contact. Automating sales workflows has proven to reduce human errors by 37%.

Real-Time Reports for Strategic Planning

We’ve discussed how sales force automation helps salespeople save a lot of time, but it benefits managers and team leaders at the same time. Sales force automation tools also generate real-time reports using the data that CRM and salespeople collect while interacting with customers. Businesses can improve their sales forecasting, quota assignment, and pipeline management by analyzing the reports.

Business Automation

Sales Force Automation Examples that Improve Conversions

Sales Force Automation interlinks sales functions and creates workflows for lead and sales management. As your business grows, it becomes tough to manage each touchpoint for your leads. Sales automation at different stages of the sales cycle simplifies your task. Here’s what automation at different stages looks like:  

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