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What is Hotjar?

Hotjar is the only product experience insights platform that provides visual behavior insights, in-the-moment user feedback, and one-to-one interviews—all in one place

Behavior analytics insights from Hotjar complement the data and insights you get from traditional product and web analytics tools like Google Analytics or Mixpanel.


Here are the popular use cases to help you get started:


Visualize member behavior by looking at clicks, browsing patterns, and scrolling activity. This enables your team to understand the community usage pattern and uncover areas to improve the community experience.

Visitor recording

Look at the community through the eyes of members. By viewing the live playback of the members on the community site, you can get a better understanding of how members are engaging with the community, their needs, and their frustrations.


Empower members to instantly leave visual feedback for your community within different parts of the community. Find out what the visitors love, hate, and uncover opportunities to improve.


Segment members and run targeted surveys to get a clear understanding of what members need and improve the community experience.


4 integrations to install Hotjar on your site

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • ClickFunnels
  • Google Tag Manager

1. WordPress

What it’s for: WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS)—the platform behind about 33% of the web. Integrating Hotjar enables you to collect data on how visitors behave on your WordPress site, helping you build the site your users want and optimize for success.

  • Spot (and fix) WordPress bugs. Chances are, your WordPress theme regularly gets security and feature updates, which can lead to errors on your site. Catch them with session recordings of frustrated users and heatmaps of rage clicks

  • See how users behave on your key pages. With tools like Heatmaps, see what users pay attention to and click on. Then, redesign pages to prioritize information they care about and improve your WordPress site. 

  • Get feedback from users with on-page surveys. Ask your users what you need to know to delight them, and watch as your engagement and conversions improve. 

  • Integrate Hotjar to collect data on how users behave on your site and determine which changes would encourage more of them to become customers. 

2. Shopify

What it’s for: Shopify is an ecommerce platform powering over 800,000 businesses globally.

Integrate Hotjar to collect data on how users behave on your site and determine which changes would encourage more of them to become customers. 

  • Track user behavior on your storefront. Watch session recordings to see what users pay attention to when they first land on your site, and whether it’s what you want them to see. 

  • Create post-purchase surveys to ask customers directly why they decided to buy from you—and use this information to develop highly targeted ad copy 

  • Find elements that prompt or discourage conversion to learn which design changes might lead to more sales

3. ClickFunnels

What it’s for: ClickFunnels allows you to create sales funnels that help you gather sales leads, collect email addresses, and ultimately sell more products. Connect Hotjar to ClickFunnels to get valuable insights on how users interact with the various steps of your sales funnel.

  • Watch session recordings of users passing through your sales funnel and analyze their behavior to see if they get stuck anywhere.
  • Understand what users pay the most attention to in your sales funnel using Heatmaps. This helps you optimize a page’s information hierarchy and get buy-in for a potential redesign.

  • Set up a feedback widget to collect users’ opinions on funnel pages. Use Hotjar Feedback to offer users a space to explain what works for them, and what doesn’t. 

4. Google Tag Manager

What it’s for: whether your website builder is different from the ones listed above, your site is custom-coded, or you’re already using Google Tag Manager to install, store, and manage marketing tags, you can also use this program to quickly and easily add Hotjar to your site. Installing Hotjar on your site using Google Tag Manager allows you to 

  • Launch a customer survey when visitors land on particular pages, or when they take specific actions, such as navigating away from your site or buying a product.

  • Watch recordings to see how visitors behave on and interact with your site as they complete—or drop out from—your most important flows. See your site through their eyes, and learn whether your conversion flow is as seamless to your customers as it appears to you. 

  • Examine what users pay attention to on your landing pages using click maps—a type of heatmap available in Hotjar Heatmaps. This can help you spot whether your pages are working hard enough for you, or if you should change the design to make important information stand out.


What is the minimum Contract period?

If you are hiring on an hourly basis then there is no minimum contract period as such but if you hiring for full time then the minimum contract period is 6 months.

How we can get hold of developers working for me?

We use tracking software like Monitask, Hubstaff, Desktime etc. Here you can track every minute of work done on your project.

How does the Payout work?

For the hourly model, you can pay in advance for a few hours, and the rest of the payout can be done at the end of the project. Similarly, for a dedicated process, you may pay 50% upfront and 50% at month end or we are open for a mutual discussion on how payout is comfortable for you.

How do we accept payment?

To have a hassle-free payment experience, we accept all modes of payment like Bankwire, Credit/Debit cards, PayPal etc.

Do you provide Support and Maintenance after deployment?

Yes, we provide full maintenance support for the projects we have developed or the projects you may have previously developed.

Do you provide full source code after the development?

Yes, we will provide the complete source code and we sign a legal agreement that allows us not to use your code anywhere in our upcoming or existing projects.

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