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A Case Study of Gulps
Track Your Water Intake Website and Mobile App Development


In an era where health and wellness are at the forefront of people’s minds, Gulps emerged as a solution to help individuals stay hydrated throughout the day. This case study delves into the development journey of Gulps, a website and mobile app designed to track water intake, highlighting key features, challenges faced, and the impact it has made in promoting hydration.


Gulps was conceptualized with a simple yet powerful mission: to encourage individuals to drink more water and stay hydrated. Understanding the importance of hydration for overall well-being, Gulps sought to create an intuitive and user-friendly platform that could seamlessly track water intake and provide personalized hydration goals.


Gulps exemplifies the power of technology in promoting health and wellness. By providing a user-friendly platform for tracking water intake and setting hydration goals, Gulps has helped individuals adopt healthier hydration habits and improve their overall well-being. Moving forward, Gulps remains committed to empowering users to stay hydrated and lead healthier lives through continued innovation and user-centric design.