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OTT Platform

We develop OTT platforms and bring a robust content delivery framework to effectively develop digitized media apps, unleashing a smooth and efficient experience for your end-users.

Gaming Software

Our experts help your business build profitable gaming apps through the usage of advanced technology, and understanding your requirements and needs.

Messaging Apps

Our knowledgeable developers build messaging apps with real-time chat features, generating platforms that enable instant connections of users in a secure and impenetrable environment.

Dating Apps

We simplify the dating world by offering a secure and user-friendly platform that utilizes location-based capabilities, and strong authentication algorithms and your helping end-users form relationships with ease.

Music Software

We help you develop the best music streaming and recommendation applications with the features like listening history, and personalized recommendations, and create playlists to serve you an unforeseen music experience and contribute to the growth of your business in the music industry.


Our developers assist in creating the customized podcast platform for your business with a seamless audio experience, offline mode, social sharing, community building, and subscription facilities, providing learning experiences and elevating user engagement.

Video-Streaming Platforms

We specialize in developing video-streaming platforms that are scalable and packed with advanced features. Our video-streaming software enables businesses to distribute high-quality video content to diverse audiences across multiple devices, involving the functionalities such as on-demand videos, live streaming, monetization options, and performance tracking analytics.

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Exceptional Delivery

Depex design and develop your dream insurance software with the latest tools and inculcation of automation delivering flawless and smooth software to lead a successful way for your business.

Heightened Customer Satisfaction

Our proficient insurance app developers create the software to deliver the highest quality of usability and accessibility, formulating software to advance your customer retention and satisfaction.

Robust Security Measures

We integrate a secure payment gateway with the amalgamation of security audits, data encryption, data backup, and disaster recovery feature along with compliances like HIPAA and GDPR to bring forth the most secure insurance app for your end-users and elevate customer trust into your brand.