Salesforce Solution

Salesforce provides lots of services and products, and to better understand the salesforce platform, we must understand what are different products and services it provides. provides a group of CRM services or products that are designed to fit on every aspect of an organization.

Some of the popular cloud services and products given by salesforce are:

Sales Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Analytics Cloud

Community Cloud

Commerce Cloud

Service Cloud

App Cloud

Collaboration cloud

Custom Cloud

Salesforce IoT Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud

The sales cloud is the service provided by the platform, and it is a part of the salesforce CRM system.

It helps the companies to support sales and provide marketing & customer support for the business-to-business and business-to-customer aspects of a business.

Salesforce automation is one of the popular sales tools that help the businesses to enhance the speed of the sales process, and streamline lead to cash.

It also enables the businesses to process more business in less time, collaborate more closely, and finish the deals early using SFA.

It is an entirely customizable cloud service of Salesforce that integrates all the customer related information at one place.

It includes marketing, sales, lead generation, customer service, business analytics, etc., and also provides access to various other applications through the AppExchange. To read more, click here(Salesforce Sales Cloud).

Salesforce Collaboration Cloud

  • Collaboration Cloud with Chatter is the recent release by the Salesforce.
  • The salesforce chatter service allows the users to collaborate more effectively by following other users, documents, and data which is crucial to them with real-time update feeds.
  • Users are allowed to create and set up groups and profiles to enhance the collaboration across multiple business applications, and it also makes sure that users can only see the information for which they have access, based on the Org-wide security and sharing model.