Looking for vetted Java developers for hire? Devox Software is a global outsourcing provider that assists companies of all sizes to accelerate their tech transformation.


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Java Expertise


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Custom Java solutions

At Devox Sofware, we hire dedicated Java developers with industry-leading skills to build high-quality software that clicks with your business needs. Thanks to our domain expertise, we can match your requirements with a winning tech stack.


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Java Enterprise Development

We excel at supporting enterprises in accelerating their business processes. Hire Java developers from Devox Software to build CRMs, BI, accounting systems, and other solutions you need to dig more business value.


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Cross-platform development

Build native iOS, Android, desktop, or web apps with a single Java codebase. Our applications work across platforms, being robust, portable, and fast while driving down your development costs.


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Backend development

Planning an enterprise-scale application, IoT solution, or Big Data software? Hire Java developers from Devox Software to empower your backend with Java’s high performance and large ecosystem.


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Cloud application development

Hire our dedicated Java developers to build cloud-native applications with multi-platform capabilities and robust security features. We deliver scalable and resilient solutions to be deployed for cloud computing.


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Big Data Solutions

Our Java teams are well-versed in leveraging oceans of data to produce actionable insights. We help our clients to make the most of their databases by building powerful Big data applications.

Java Developers

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Benefits of our
Java Developers For Hire


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Developers Cooperation


  • Fast hiring
  • No administrative bottlenecks
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Shared responsibility

Dedicated Teams

  • Scalable IT talent
  • Bespoke hiring
  • Fixed price/ hourly rate
  • Direct management

IT Staffing/Augmentation

  • Full-time alignment
  • Individual approach
  • Developer salary+vendor fee
  • On-demand team scaling

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How to
Hire Our Java Developers?

Our Case Studies

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Case Studies

Our team of experienced mobile app developers collaborated closely with Puma to understand their requirements and design a solution that aligned with their brand image and business objectives. We used cutting-edge technologies and best practices in mobile app development to deliver a high-quality solution that met Puma’s requirements.

Our team of experienced mobile app developers collaborated closely with Trulia to understand their requirements and design a solution that met their business objectives. We utilized cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices in mobile app development to deliver a high-quality solution that aligned with Trulia’s brand image and user expectations.

FitOn is a popular mobile app that allows users to access a wide range of workout classes and fitness plans from their smartphones. The app was developed with the aim of making fitness accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or budget. Here is a case study of FitOn’s mobile app development process, highlighting the requirements, challenges, and solutions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no clearcut answer. It depends on the engagement model you choose, the complexity of your project, and whether you need an individual programmer or a team of developers. Contact our consultants to hire Java programmers online.

Yes, you will. You can either manage your outsourced team directly or we can assign a Project Manager to supervise the process. In both cases, you retain direct management over the hires, thus being able to articulate your needs one to one.

We recommend hiring Java programmers when you need to build full-fledged applications that can run on mobile and desktop across different operating systems and servers. The solidity and scalability of Java make it a great fit for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and cloud development

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