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Client - Kaltura, Providing Video Experiences

Kaltura strives to bring collaboration and learning through its SaaS video solutions all over the world. Kaltura believes in the power of communication through exchanging words in video format and empowering diverse communities through work, learning, deliberation, and entertainment.

Kaltura felt the need to raise its customer engagement and grow its business, therefore, required a mobile app suitable for both iOS and Android platforms.
The mobile app was desired to be best suited for their seamless video management experience with excellent navigation. Kaltura's requirements for their mobile app are given below:

Challenges and Solutions

User Interface

Designing the UI of a video-based mobile app becomes overwhelming. But with no doubt, our developers face the challenge by integrating effortless navigation structure, user testing and feedback sessions, video playback controls, gesture-focused interactions, and multi-language support for a visually appealing, seamless user interface experience and responsive to multiple screen sizes.

Bandwidth and Streaming Optimization

Since Kalura is a video-based app, the need to stabilize the bandwidth issues turns crucial to avoid buffering and quality of the video streaming. Our team unified the adaptive bitrate streaming to accommodate the video quality based on the speed of the internet and device capacity. We have also adjusted the video compression algorithm so that videos play smoothly, and are not interrupted by slow Internet connections.

Integration with the cloud-based platform

The blend of Kaltura’s cloud-based platform in the app development witnesses ups and downs, and with the help of our skilled developers, we work to cater to the issues related to data transfer through optimized bandwidth and network connections and seamless access and management of the video content.

Our Remarkable Results

Since the launch of the Kaltura mobile app, it has witnessed enormous success with a resounding success of more than 1 million downloads. The Kaltura app has received an average rating of 4.6 stars on both the App Store and Google Play with the blend of the user's excellent experience praising its user-friendly interface and smooth video management.

Our mobile app development team commitment has prioritized Kaltura team demands and established a flawless user experience. With the collaboration of Kaltura, we developed their highly-efficient mobile app with our insights and data-informed development process despite several challenges. We brought forth untroubled bandwidth, network connectivity, security, and analytics to help leverage top-notch services from Kaltura's mobile application. At last, Kaltura mobile app has evolved into an invaluable addition to Depex and enables us to transform businesses with our video management solutions.

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