Developing the Click&Boat Mobile App to Deliver the Top-Notch Boat Rental Experience

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Client:Click&Boat, Providing Best Boat Rental Solutions

About Click Boat

Click Boat stands out as a well-known online platform that specializes in boat rentals and has gained recognition for its wide array of water vessels, including motorboats, catamarans, sailboats, and yachts. Founded in 2013 in France, the company has swiftly expanded its reach, spanning more than 50 countries. Click&Boat has a remarkable fleet of more than 35,000 boats available for rent, with a view to making boating accessible to all, while also challenging the boat rental industry with innovative technology.

Meeting the Click&Boat Mobile App Expectations

Click&Boat enlisted the services of our mobile app development company to create a mobile application aimed at improving the accessibility and convenience of boat rentals for their clientele. Click&Boat’s goal was to create a user-friendly app compatible with both Apple's and Google's platforms. In order to allow customers to easily browse and secure the perfect boat that meets their specific needs, they emphasize providing a smooth user experience.

Exploring the Possibilities Through Designing A Prototype

Our exceptional team kickstarted the project by developing a prototype of Click&Boat’s mobile application, customized to their specific requirements, and initiated the development process. Our prototype encompassed all the fundamental functionalities essential for users to effectively discover and reserve boats. We integrated a search filter to allow users to refine the results on criteria such as location, boat type, price range, and availability. Extendedly, we built clear-cut book rentals and facilitated a simple in-app rental payment to suit the user's convenience along with promoting communication systems fostering an effortless way for renters and boat owners to communicate directly in order to enhance the whole experience.

Our Integrated App Features

Boat Search

Our developers having more than a decade of experience utilized their knowledge to integrate comprehensive boat searches for users and produce trouble-free searching based on factors such as their location, preferred type of vessels, desired price range, and availability. Our development team also enabled the quick display of a curated list of boats accompanied by detailed information such as boat type, location, price, availability, and more to induce informed decision-making by users.

Booking System

With our expertise, we prioritized the streamlining of the booking process for users to reserve their chosen ships through a secure payment system. We incorporated the option for canceling the bookings to align with the Click&Boat goals, giving users access to cancel their reservations if necessary with an assurance to receive a refund.

Messaging System

Our qualified developers prioritize enhancing the interactive segment of the app by setting up an Integrated Telematics System, enabling direct interaction between users and boat owners and asking for clarification, replying to inquiries, and providing particular rental information.

Reviews & Ratings

We developed the app to recognize the value of shared experiences, therefore, we allowed users to mention authentic reviews and ratings for boats and their experience with the renting services. With Click&Boat’s transparent ideology and services, they incorporated the review and rating feature to help prospective renters and assist them in making informed decisions on the basis of feedback and insights from other users.

We Believe in Fostering Collaboration

Our dedicated team of mobile app developers has worked closely with Click&Boat throughout the development procedure, giving priority to meeting their specific needs and fulfilling their requirements.

Our talented team brought regularity and fostered transparency in communicating progress with clients, to help them accomplish their goals. We have implemented our skills and knowledge and conducted rigorous tests to guarantee the effectiveness of the app through an in-depth examination of all aspects of the application with a view to avoiding any bugs and potential problems.

In keeping with Click&Boat's expectations and requirements, our relentless commitment to excellence has ensured that the final product delivers a perfect user experience. To ensure complete transparency and keep clients updated at every stage of the development process, a regular update was made available to them. Our developers maintained the inevitable transparency and delivered regular updates to the Click&Boat, giving rise to long-lasting relationships and growth.

Witness Click&Boat Success Story

With our legacy of developing the finest mobile applications, our developed Click&Boat mobile app and help achieve remarkable success and revolutionize the boat rental industry. We developed an app that was highly appreciated by its users, leading to considerable growth in Click&Boat's customer base and revenue. The application has been able to make boat rentals easier and more convenient for clients through exceptional UI and user experience.
This project has served as a testament to our team's success, and we are extremely proud of the role that we have played in bringing Click&Boat's vision into being and delivering exceptional and positive results.

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