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Client: Chili’s. Elevating Taste and Experience

Chili's, an established chain of casual restaurants originating in the United States, has spread to 33 countries with more than 1,600 locations. In 2020, Chili's partnered with our mobile app development company, seeking assistance in creating a mobile application that would enhance their restaurant operations and elevate the overall customer experience.

Chili’s Requirements for an Unforgettable Experience

Issues Experienced By Chili’s

Avoiding Cumbersome Ordering Process

We understand that in the realm of food ordering, customers often encounter extended waiting periods when placing their orders. Our proficient team was determined to eradicate these unnecessary delays, aiming to prevent frustration and ensure elevated customer satisfaction.

Order Inaccuracies

Our team has always been conscious of the manual ordering process that is prone to errors and results in inaccurate orders which, ultimately, lead to customer dissatisfaction and a negative impact on the brand reputation.

Time-consuming Payment Procedure

We are aware of the overwhelming number of customers and the issue they faced with long queues when they choose to pay offline, resulting in considerable wait times and unavoidable issues

Challenges in Operational Efficiency

The never-forgetting management is of utmost importance for restaurants for high customer retention and experience. In a journey to enhance efficiency, Chili's sought to improve profitability and brand identity.

Weak Marketing Efforts

Marketing possesses an undeniable influence in attracting customers and building a brand. Likewise, Chili's faced challenges in enhancing its brand presence through promotions, discounts, and customer acquisition efforts.

Solutions Offered By Our Experts

Seamless Ordering Process

We developed a mobile app that allowed customers to browse the menu, customize their orders, and pay for their orders online. This eliminated the need for customers to wait in line to place their orders, leading to a more efficient and satisfying ordering process.

Precise Orders

We developed an app aligned with Chili’s requirements to bring advancement in their ordering system and eradicate manual errors to ensure precision and accuracy.

Efficient Payment Process

Depex established a gateway for Chili to make customers conveniently settle their bills online and eliminate the hassle of long queues. Our experience in incorporating the feature led to escalating user satisfaction and faster table turnover rates at Chili's.

Seamless Restaurant WorkFlow

We provided Chili’s with a comprehensive management system that encompassed order tracking, inventory management, and data-informed decision-making. We inculcated these functionalities to improve overall operational efficiency and profitability.

Impactful Customer Outreach

With the app's push notification feature, we transformed Chili's interaction and brought forth specials and promotions to the customers. Our integrated marketing features significantly enhanced customer awareness and participation in promotions, driving Chili’s revenue growth and success.


Our development of Chili's mobile app has been a resounding success, delivering significant benefits for the restaurant chain and its dedicated customer base. The app has proven effective in improving restaurant performance, increasing customer satisfaction, and generating significant revenue growth.

With our exceptional and dedicated assistance, Chili's now has the capacity to deliver an extraordinary digitized food ordering experience for its valued consumers through our enhanced restaurant management features.

We take immense pride in our contribution to this project and eagerly anticipate future collaborations with Chili's to further enhance their mobile application.

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